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Rich Men North of Richmond

Rich Men North of Richmond" debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 dated August 26, 2023, with 147,000 downloads and 17.5 million streams that week. It made Anthony the first artist to debut a song at number one on that chart with no prior entries in any form (five other solo artists debuted at No. 1 - The kicker here is he's not famous, but he is now. With 66 million views on YouTube. This shows just how much Americans can relate to this song.

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Farming For Love - Second Season

Farming For Love is back for its second season. Casting closed Aug 2, 2023. Stay tuned! Farming is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Being married is hard work. Being married to a farmer adds a whole other layer of difficulty. Farm life is very unpredictable. Would you be up for the challenge?

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Jason Aldean Center of Controversy

Country singers and Hollywood actors are speaking out using their fame to express their political views. The Aldean's for one are pro-military and definitely do not support the current administration. They even posted a picture holding a sticker that said "Don't blame me. I voted for Trump."

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Miranda Lambert Slammed For Being Rude to Fans.

This isn't the first time Miranda Lambert received backlash for putting fans in their place. The most recent in Las Vegas. According to a TikTok video posted Sunday, Lambert was just a few bars into her song “Tin Man” when she spotted adult ladies taking memorable selfies while enjoying the concert. "These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It's pissing me off a little bit. I don't like it at all," the 39-year-old singer said. "We're here to hear some country music tonight. I'm singing some country damn music. Shall we start again?" Miranda said. Apparently, some fans walked out of the show visibly upset, and Miranda got a lot of negative feedback and upcoming ticket cancellations. 

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Long Distance Relationships can work.

That quote should resonate within the mind and hearts of anyone currently involved in a long-distance relationship. Even if you are thinking about getting involved in one, that quote will save you a lot of time, which would have been wasted with doubts and uncertainties.

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Cowboy Date Night Ideas

If you are with the right person, and you feel those butterflies and just know they are the one, it really doesn't matter where you are actually. But still, here are a few date ideas you might enjoy that might bring you two even closer.

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