Mobile Version

Nothing to download!

No dating app is required to use Western Match on mobile.


The thing is, we do not need a cowboy dating app since we have focused instead on having a mobile-friendly website design. Meaning, whatever device you use, the site is responsive to its screen size.  Whether you are using a desktop computer, iPad or mobile device the screen size will adjust.

Sometimes apps crash. They are the result of inadequate app testing, poor memory management, or even device incompatibility.  Our mobile version won't ever crash. 

Having a smartphone on hand is sometimes convenient for checking new messages on the go, but you should also check out our desktop counterpart, and enjoy the full-size screen and chat rooms.


Wherever the road may lead, you will always be able to check your messages using your mobile device. Our mobile version is fully loaded with features such as video and audio chat and has every feature the desktop version has.