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Is it free to join?

Yes, completely free to join. There is no credit card required to register.

How long before my profile goes online?

To make Western Match the best it can be, your profile won't show to others until it's been approved by administration. Usually within 1-2 hours MST, but it can take as long as 12 hours depending on the time you signed up. 

Customer support hours 7 days aweek - 8:00 Am - 10:00 Pm MST. 


Why didn't my profile get approved?

If we did not approve your profile that is because we are uncertain your dating profile is ligitimate. If you feel we deleted your profile in error, please contact us. You may be asked to confirm that your profile is real.

I didn't get the activation email?

Please check your spam folder. You may also contact us so that we activate your account manually.

I met someone, where do I send my success story?

We would love to hear from you about your success story. Please fill out our submission form so that we may post it for others to see. Click here.

My Profile

What are your membership fees?

We offer free and fee based features. Members may read mail free and then decide if it's worth upgrading their account for more great features. We offer 50% more free features then most other dating sites.

Membership Fees:
1 month - $14.95
3 months - $22.95
6 months - $28.95
1 Year - $38.95

*Currently there is no automatic billing.

How do I change the age range for who I'm looking for?

Go to your profile. Scroll down until you see  "who I'm looking for". Click on the pencil  icon, the page will open for you to select the age group and next click save. 

What is "browse invisibly"?

If you activate this option then other users will not be able to see you on the site. Your profile will not be available in search, or to receive audio or video calls. You can turn this option "off" by going to the settings page.

What is "don't show me as a visitor" on the settings page?

If you activate this option, then when visiting the profile of another user this user will not be able to see that you visit their profile on their "visitors" page.  The visitor will not be displayed on the Profile visitors page.

Why did my profile get denied or deleted?

Profiles are manually approved. If we feel you are not on westernmatch for the right reasons, your profile may be deleted. Please make sure you post accurate information and complete your profile. We do our best to rid our service of scammers. You may be asked to verify yourself in a video chat. 

How do I edit my profile?

Click on the "tiny pencil" icon located next to each section you want to edit.

Upload Photos and videos

Mobile: Click on the "blue camera" icon to add photos or videos.
Desktop: Click on the "album" link located under your photos to upload photos or videos.

Can I change my username?

You may change your username within 24 hours of registration. Please contact us to see if the username is available. You will not be able to change it on your own.

How do I delete my profile?

Go to  the "settings" page to delete your profile. You must have your password in order to do this. 

How do I block or unblock a member?

Locate the members profile and click on the "more options" link. You may block or report a member.

Desktop / Ipad users - All blocked members will be saved in the "Jack Ass List", you may ublock a member on this page. 

Mobile users: You will see a pink bar under the members photo that says, "unblock user". Click this link to unblock the member.

How do I report a member?

Go to the members profile and click on the "more options" link. You may block and report a member.

How do I edit or delete my hobbies?

Click on the "pencil" icon under "personal info" and scroll down until you see the hobbie section. Choose a hobbie from the drop menu. To add more hobbies, click the "+ add" link. You can add as many as you like. To delete a hobbie from your profile, replace your hobbie with  "choose hobbie" and then click save. By selecting choose hobbie will delete the hobbie from your profile.

My Account / Settings

How do I stop notifications coming to my email?

Click on the three bar menu located at the top left. Next click on  "settings" Select which notifications you would like to turn off or on and click save.

How do I set my time zone?

Go to the settings page to change your time zone. 

How do I change my email address or password?

Go to the settings page to make these changes.

How do I opt out of the newsletter?

Go to the settings page to turn this option to receive news letters on or off.

Gold Membership

Where do I find my Gold Membership expiration date?

At the top of the "settings" page you will see the expiraton date.

Will my gold membership automatically renew?

Until further notice, there is no recurring billing.

What are my payment options?

We accept most all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover processed through Coming soon we will accept "Money Orders".

Is my credit card information stored on your servers?

No credit card information is stored on our server. We do not sell or share any of your personal information.

What happens when my gold membership expires?

Your account will convert back to a free membership. You may upgrade again at anytime.

How do I upgrade my account?

You will be directed to the upgrade page should you click on any feature that requires a gold membership. 

Desktop / Ipad - Click on the "Upgrade" link located at the top menu.

Mobile - From the drop menu located on the top left, click on the "upgrade" button.

What are the gold membership features.

Gold Membership Features

See who likes you - Get the full list of people who like you. We’ll also point them out on the Visitors page.

Browse profiles invisibly - No one will know if you’ve visited their profile, unless you want them to.

Full Mailbox Access - Sometimes it’s nice to know that your message was seen. If you’re upgraded, we’ll let you know. Full mailbox access with image sharing.

Image sharing in the chat - Never forget to share your valuable moments with your friends! Use image sharing in the chat.

Audio Chat - Want to have a phone conversation without revealing your phone number? Use the audio chat feature!

Video Chat - See who you are corresponding with before you meet in person. Chat live using the webcam!

Live streaming - You can live stream about anything and engage with members at the same time. Similar to Facebook live. You can also watch past streams and view live streams.

Basic and Extended Search

How do I search?

Click on the white "search" icon located at the top menu. Select your options. Use the slider bar to show the distance range. Click on "extended" search if you would like to search by "height", "weight", or "body" type, etc.

IMPORTANT: the more detailed the search, the less members will pull up. If you are not finding many matches, you can reset the extended search filter and try different search criterias.

How do I search by username?

Mobile: Go to the basic search. Scroll down until you see "search by username".  

Why am I not being found in search?

Do you have "browse invisibly" turned on? Go to the settings page and make sure it's off. It is very important that you complete all profile fields to be found in search. Members have the option to search in detail and if you don't complete your entire profile, you may not be found.

Where are the online members?

Go to the drop menu on the top left, a list of potential matches will show first. To do your own search, click on white "filter" icon on the top far right. On this page you can select select your search options, including online members. 

Online members will show a green circle in their profile.

Why does the mileage slider bar only show up sometimes?

You will only see it when you select a City. 

Photos / Videos

How do I upload a photo and what are the guidelines?

Mobile: Click on the "blue camera" icon to add photos or videos.
Desktop: Click on the "album" link located under your photos to upload photos or videos. Under "Photos", click on the box with the plus sign.

Please make sure your photo is not too large. It should be under 2800MB and the file format should be either a .jpg or .png file. Try to keep intro videos under 60 seconds.

Photos and videos will not go live until they are approved by administration.

Photo guidelines: 

You are the only person in the photo
You should be visible
No nudity
No copyrighted images
No identifying information such as license plates, email or web addresses, visible street addresses, etc.
No minors only in the photo.

How do you enlarge the pictures?

Click on the main photo or any photo in the album and it will enlarge, next swipe to the left if there are more images to look at.

I can't upload a photo, it does nothing?

Sounds like you haven't granted access for your browser to be able to access the files on your device. That's a setting on your phone. You will have to adjust the permnissions for the browser app to allow it to access your files sytem.

How do I edit, delete or rotate my photos?

Go to your photo album. Each photo will have three tiny icons on the right side. The "X" will delete the photo, the "lock" will make it private and the third icon will rotate the image.

How do I make my photos private?

You must have a main photo before you can upload a private photo. Click on the "album" link. Upload a photo under "Private Photos". Or, if you already have an existing photo in your profile, you may click the "lock" icon on the top right of the photo to make it private. If someone wants to view your private photo, you will receive a request to deny or allow. 

What is the point of having private photos if you have to have a main photo?

The primary purpose of the photos on your online dating profile is to let other people know what you look like. We suggest using the private photo option if for example you want to show your children, or your home, or anything else you do not wish to display in public.

How do I enlarge and view members photos?

In the members profile, click on the "albums" link to see all photos and videos. Desktop users will click the arrow to scroll through the photos and mobile users will swipe left.

Why did my photo get denied?

Your photo may have gotten denied if it did not meet our guidelines. We have a nudity filter set in place to detect photos that show a certain percentage of skin. Please try uploading a different photo. 

What size should photos be?

Photos should be at least a minimum of 300 pixels and a maximum of 2000px. File extentions should be in a .jpg or .png file format.

What is private photo access?

Members have the option to make some photos private. This page is where you receive any notifications to access your private photos. You may accept or decline access.

How do I delete my video?

Open your albums. Click on the "x" icon on the top right of the video that you want to delete.

How do I upload a video?

Mobile: Open your profile and click on the "blue camera" icon.
Desktop: Under "videos", click on the box with the plus sign. Choose your video and click "open". Videos must be of yourself and will be reviewed before going live. 

Video guidelines
No nudity or sexual activities
No copyrighted videos
No music videos
No identifying information such as license plates, web or email address, street address, phone numbers
No personal information in the video
No minors only in the video

Mailbox / Instant messaging 

Is it free to send a message?

No, it is not free to send a message, but you may read messages sent to you free and decide whether you want to respond or not. 

What is instant messaging?

The mailbox works in two ways. If you are offline, you will recieve the message in your mailbox. If you are online while someone sends you a message, it automatically turns into an instant messaging where you and the member can message each other back and forth in real time as though you are texting.

How do I delete a message?

Click on the messages to open your mailbox. Hoover over the message you want to delete. A trash can will appear, click on it to delete your messages.

How do I know if my message was read?

You will see a blue check next to the message if it's been read.


What is Audio and Video Chat?

An audio chat is just like a phone call. Since our system uses your microphone to communicate, there is no cost to you and your phone number is never revealed.

A Video call is where you see one another and communicate face to face.

Note: Both require that you accept the use of your microphone and camera.

How do I delete or add a member to my favorites?

To ad a member to your favorites, click on the "star" in the members profile. To delete the members from your favorites, in the members profile click the star again to unselect the member as a favorite.

What is mutual likes?

Mutual likes: When you add a person to your favorites list, you can see if they added you to their favorite list to.

What is who likes you?

See a list of members who like you and have you on their liked list.

What is the private note?

You can write a private note to remind yourself what you like or dislike about a member. The private note is only visible to you.

What is live stream?

You can live stream about anything and engage with members at the same time. Similar to Facebook live. You can also watch past streams. Past streams delete automatically after 30 days. 

What are the colored graphs in the profile?

This is a chart of how well you match up with other members profile information. This gives you some insight on your compatibility. 

What is the Jack Ass List?

This is a list of all the members you blocked. You can unblock a member at anytime by visiting this page.

Chat Rooms

What is a chat room?

The chatroom is where you have a conversation with a group of members at the same time.

Someone is harassing me?

We do not tolerate any abusive behavior in our chatrooms. If a member continues to harass you, please contact us with the members username. 

I can't find the chat rooms?

Desktop / Ipad users click on the "Tik Talk" link located on the left menu. This is the default name for the chat room. To change rooms, simply click on the "chat room" link located on the top right.

Mobile Users: We're sorry, chatrooms are not currently available in mobile view.