How to Fail in a Relationship.

Published on 4 April 2023 at 15:10

By V. Rasheva | 

1. You play hard to get

When your partner wants to talk with you on the phone, you often do not answer the phone. And you do not phone him/her later. The assumption that his/her feelings are getting stronger this way is completely wrong. Why? Because that would push him away.

2. You mention very often whatever about your ex

Let your past stay in the past. It is not a good idea to mention the name of your ex as well as whatever information about him/her. You also need to avoid making a comparison between your ex and your current boyfriend/girlfriend. That will do you no good.

3. You are being silly and dull

It's a common misconception that it is not advisable to show off your intellect. However, when you try to be just an average person in order not to scare away your partner through your idiosyncrasy, there is a high risk to ruin your relationship.

4. You are being secretive and emotionless

If you are very secretive about your feelings and/or your activities, your partner might feel isolated and even lonely. You might think that it's really cool not to show your emotions but in fact it can ruin your relationship.

5. The boundaries you set are not healthy or you do not set boundaries at all.

Setting boundaries helps to maintain the balance not only at the very beginning of the relationship but also later. And it also prevents power shifting.

6. You do not spend enough time together with your partner

You meet him/her only when it is convenient for you or beneficial to you. If you want your relationship to be a warm, loving and intimate one, you need to be completely committed to each other. And the latter involves spending a lot of time together.

7. You do not let your partner get to know your friends and/or relatives.

Your partner needs to fit well in your social circle. And if you do not let him/her do that, it could be catastrophic for your relationship.

8. You are not very interested in the purposes and/or the dreams of your partner.

It is really important to support your partner within the process of achieving his/her purposes and/or dreams. Just be there for him/her whenever it is needed.

9. You succeed in turning every discussion with your partner into a quarrel.

Healthy discussions can actually strengthen a relationship. However, if a discussion turns into a quarrel, it could ruin your relationship.


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